Since 1947
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01Business of Takaramoto Shoji
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Ribbon Business

For over 76 years, Takaramoto Shoji has been the ancestral business providing high-quality original ribbons to apparel companies and retail stores. With the ability to offer a diverse range of ribbons and textile materials that exceed customer needs, the ribbon business of Takaramoto Shoji covers a wide range of genres, including rubber and fabric. Building on this long history and experience, Takaramoto Shoji's ribbon business continues to pursue innovation and customer satisfaction.

02Business of Takaramoto Shoji
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Fancy Yarn Business

The Fancy Yarn Business begins with the planning of tape yarn and specializes particularly in the manufacturing and sales of chenille yarn. Excelling in non-pilling chenille, it has garnered high praise from the domestic and international apparel industry as an accent for knits and textiles.
Takaramoto Shoji continues to explore new possibilities in the Fancy Yarn business.

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OEM Business

Takaramoto Shoji's OEM business goes beyond providing original ribbons and fancy yarns; it excels in OEM production of knitted products. Adapting to high-quality, high-complexity, and small-batch production, it is chosen by designer brands and high-end department store labels. Additionally, the company offers OEM supply of specialized functional materials such as mask straps for medical use and artificial feathers, leading the way in innovation.

04Business of Takaramoto Shoji
04Business Area

Original Apparel Business

Operating under the brand "ribbon ha URESHII," we explore the infinite possibilities of ribbons. We reuse ribbons produced in the past and create new value through our original "Ribbontique" fabric. As our in-house brand, we maximize the charm of ribbons and offer playful apparel products.